Membership Dues

Annual dues assessments are authorized by the Executive Committee and subject to approval of the general membership at the annual meeting. Dues are based on total assets managed in the areas of pension and health plans.

Dues shall be based on aggregate benefit plan assets under management by members, i.e., including pension, retirement, health and welfare plan assets. In the context of group health plans to reflect the scope of coverage, the asset base for self-insured health plans should be the greater of health plan assets or annual health plan claims paid. In the case of organizations with group health plans that are fully insured, rather than health plan assets, health plan assets for dues purpose will be based on annual premium spend.

Members should exclude non-plan assets, i.e., assets managed for institutional investors, relief and charitable funds, and operating reserves and other non-benefit plan liquid net assets when reporting total assets to CBA.


Assets Managed:  Annual Dues  
under $50 million $ 825
$50 million - $100 million $ 1,320
$100 million - $200 million $ 1,650
$200 million - $300 million $ 2,035
$300 million - $500 million $ 2,750
$500 million - $1 billion $ 3,300
$1 billion - $3 billion $ 6,600
$3 billion - $10 billion $ 9,900
over $10 billion $13,200